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Jointly with the Head of Technology, the jobholder is responsible to execute the strategic direction and operational control of the Sales Office’s activity under the direction of the Company Management. As the Sales Manager, the jobholder is directly responsible to achieve the set sales targets and gross profits for Turf & Irrigation products and services. The jobholder is also responsible for the business development, continuous competency improvement, establishment of healthy customer relationship and cultivation of corporate identity.


  1. To implement the Sales & Marketing strategy for the Kota Kinabalu Sales Office’s business in line with:

–           Market development in terms of growth potential;

–           Market positioning in terms of technology & price competitiveness; and

–           Emerging opportunities target markets.

  1. To be responsible for achieving the assigned products’ sales budget and growth targets.
  1. To identify and establish new customers as well as new business opportunities to ensure successful market penetration.
  2. To establish healthy customer and consultant relations and to provide efficient customer service/support so as to solicit and maintain their confidence in the reputation of the products and services offered by the company as well as to improve the chances of successful sales.
  3. To closely monitor the competitive environment including technology and commercial developments of key competitors and provide these inputs to the Head of Technology to develop counter-strategies.
  4. To submit quotations or tenders after proper evaluation and analysis of customers’ needs, such as the budget, method of financing and technical configuration, and to follow up regularly on submitted proposals.
  5. To attend to customers’ queries, requests and complaints; to follow-up and ensure prompt and correct delivery as well as collection of outstanding accounts.
  6. To conduct market survey so as to collate information on market demand for the purpose of planning marketing strategy for the company’s products and services.
  7. To select and participate in relevant conferences and exhibitions.
  8. To ensure proper use of sales tools to enhance work efficiency and professional image.
  9. To liaise with the team members to ensure proposals are technically correct and accurate.
  10. To compile monthly prospects list of customers and recommended follow-up actions for submission to the Head of Technology.
  11. To provide periodic activity report and market information so as to keep the management updated on competitors’ movements and the company’s position in the market.
  12. To ensure all orders secured are professionally executed, on time and within expected quality and budget. Also, to ensure smooth work execution between the customers and the team members in areas of delivery, project implementation, commissioning and servicing.
  13. To monitor and review outstanding debts, on a fortnightly basis, to minimize risk of possible bad debts as well as to improve cash flow.
  14. To be responsible for preparing the annual budgets and its revisions.
  15. To ensure compliance with the group and company’s policies and procedures and all directives set by the management.
  16. To ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the Sales Office’s activities.
  17. To learn, update and consistently demonstrate the core competencies required for the job.
  18. To ensure the Sales Office is staffed with the required number of quality personnel who are trained, motivated and developed in tandem with business growth.
  19. To monitor subordinate staff’s performance and activities to ensure that individual and company’s objectives are adequately met.
  20. To identify subordinate staff’s training needs and to liaise with the HR Manager to meet training requirements.
  21. To liaise with the HR Manager to ensure all subordinate staff’s job descriptions are current and updated.
  22. To review and reassign job responsibilities to staff and to mobilize them to continuously improve the operational efficiency of the Sales Office.
  23. To be responsible to comply with the company’s EHS policies, procedures, management programs and work instructions.
  24. To undertake any other tasks as and when assigned by the company.


  1. To meet sales targets, increase market share and to gain as much experience as possible in terms of sales and marketing of Turf & Irrigation products & services.
  2. To establish and maintain company to be the market leader for its business.
  3. To pursue and achieve total quality and competitive advantage through high degree of professionalism, self-discipline, commitment and involvement at all levels of the organization as well as with its customers, suppliers and principals.