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Making sure a commercial kitchen operates efficiently involves a mix of culinary and supervisory tasks. We researched dozens of executive sous chef job descriptions to come up with the following list of executive sous chef duties and responsibilities:

Collaborate with Executive Chef on Menu Planning –
Executive sous chefs help the executive chef plan the core menu and daily specials based on current food inventory, staff capabilities, and customer feedback.

Supervise Chefs and Food Preparation Workers –
Executive sous chefs manage the kitchen employees. They are responsible for giving directives to line cooks, food prep workers, and waitstaff. This involves disciplining workers as necessary.

Enforce All Food Safety Policies and Procedures –
Strict food safety and general health policies are set by a national board of food and safety. It is the responsibility of the executive sous chef to make sure all kitchen and waitstaff follow these regulations.

Hire and Train Kitchen Staff –
In many dining establishments, there is no official human resource department. Instead, the executive sous chef handles the human resource functions. The executive sous chef is responsible for interviewing and evaluating candidates and training new hires on the establishment’s kitchen rules.

Check Freshness of Food and Maintain Supplies –
One of the most important duties of the executive sous chef is creating and following a regular daily routine to check the freshness of all perishable items. This requires a keen attention to detail and strong organizational skills. Executive sous chefs are also responsible for ordering and facilitating the delivery of food and supplies.