We are constantly on the lookout for top talented people and up and coming talents. We deal exclusively with many high profile and leading companies across a range of industries.

Below is a summary of our headhunting process and we keep you posted every step of the way.

  • Assignment brief
  • Target list compiled
  • Research and name gathering completed
  • Approaches in progress
  • Screening and interviewing in progress
  • Shortlist completed
  • Interviews arranged
  • Offer of Employment Accepted
  • Assignment complete

Our Commitment to Employers

Our success story is built on experience, passion and an unwavering commitment to client service. We are small but a highly experienced team of recruiters specializing in white-collar and professional markets gives us responsibility for your talent acquisition, and we’ll give you back the time and space to focus on that which makes the difference to your business.

The recruitment process

We take pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and the time we take to consult with you to ensure we can meet your recruitment needs. We will…

  • Visit you at your workplace, to better understand your requirements and workplace culture – this helps us in finding you the right person.
  • Write the job advertisement in a way that catches the reader’s attention and use a variety of advertising (which we pay for) – attracting the best candidate.
  • Search our database and exhaust our networks in the hunt for your new staff.
  • Manage all enquiries, receiving and acknowledging all applications as soon as possible.
  • Interview every candidate that we send to you, ensuring they fit what you want.
  • Organise interviews for you, saving you the run-around.
  • Assist you with interviews if you want us to.
  • Notify the unsuccessful candidates, saving you the discomfort.
  • Stay in touch with both you and your new staff – to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Provide a guarantee period – if the candidate left your company within the guarantee period as stipulated in our TOB, we will replace them at no further charge.

Why you should appoint us as your recruitment agent?

  • We can access a wider range of candidates than most employers – we are experts at strategic advertising and have an extensive database of active candidates. As a recruiter we also know people who are not actively seeking employment but ask us to keep an eye on job opportunities for them.
  • We offer anonymity to both employers and candidates. Many employers would prefer their competitors didn’t know they are looking to replace or hire new key personnel. At the same time, candidates are reluctant approaching employers directly for fear their application might come to the attention of their current employer.
  • As a white-collar and professional specialist recruiter we offer a depth of experience and expertise not found in generalist recruiters. We can better determine candidate suitability and fit as we interact with the same type of candidates every day. As a specialist recruiter we are better informed on trends, statistics and industry benchmarks.